Dormeo True Evolution Pillow

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Custom-built to provide neck and head support for you however you like to sleep. Whether you're a back sleeper, or side or front, you'll have no trouble finding a sweet spot of comfort that gives you perfect spine alignment and offers perfect cradling comfort for your head and neck, alleviating those aches and pains that you tend to get with the wrong type of pillow.

There are 35 individual Octaspring® memory foam springs inside the True Evolution. It's like having your own little army of comforters!

It breathes like no other memory foam pillow. Of course it wouldn't be an Octaspring if it wasn't built around our unique Octaspring memory foam spring technology. These breathable foam springs not only provide support, they are 8x more breathable than traditional memory foam is, making the True Evolution pillow an incredible choice for those who suffer from being hot sleepers.

Greater Pillow Hygiene. The other particular benefit from the constant cooling air flow – the springs almost act as individual bellows, expelling warm stale air and pulling-in cooling fresh air – is that it significantly increases the hygiene of the pillow.

Over time, feather and down pillows can be a great harbour for dust-mites, and a gathering place for dead skin cells and dust and dirt. This can be particularly unpleasant for allergy sufferers as these little beastly beasties can trigger unpleasant reactions.

However, the constant airflow through the True Evolution pillow, and the memory foam itself, makes it a really clean and hygienic sleeping environment.

The improvements in hygiene don't stop there however, because you can actually remove the pillow's Italian designed cover and machine wash it at 30º. This hygiene element is extremely important.

Think about it. We spend about a third of our lives in bed, which means that for a third of our lives our precious head and face is pressed against a pillow. Yet we often don't think too hard about the impact it may be having on our sleep and our health. Maybe we give more thought to what we're actually laying our heads on?